Costa Rica Vacations - with Gusto!

Costa Rica active all inclusive vacations and holidays for families, naturalists, and adventurous people - private, custom, unique

Serendipity operates your Costa Rica vacation holidays seamlessly around your priorities for adventure or nature, for luxury or simplicity. No wasted time. No trips on buses. No lines. We take you — by foot, 4x4, boat, balloon, horseback, raft, ropes and cables, ATV's — to the most undisturbed places, without crowds, without compromises.

  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica Adventures with Serendipity: commando dropping down canyon walls on ropes  like when you were a kid.

    With Serendipity, Adventure travel means trying things you never thought you'd try, accomplishing something you never thought you'd do, immersing yourself in each adventure with Serendipity's outstanding guides. Serendipity pushes your spirit.

  • Costa Rica Nature

    Costa Rica Nature watching holidays: vacations which enter places where the animals haven't been scared away by the crowds.

    Nature, pure and simple. See it, hear it, smell it. We reach parts of Costa Rica inaccessible to tour buses and large groups. Our guide-intensive Costa Rica naturalist vacations ignite your passion for nature while immersing you in tropical fauna at its most pristine.

  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica family holiday with kids in lake with canoe, operated by Serendipity Costa Rica

    Kids want new excitement. Parents want security. With Serendipity these are very compatible goals. Serendipity designs strictly private, custom Family Vacations around your priorities. We'll push your whole family to take on try new challenges together.

Serendipity Costa Rica vacations are exhilarating, stimulating, and life expanding. You'll never have another vacation as invigorating, as easy to plan, or as smoothly operated, as your private, custom vacation to Costa Rica with Serendipity Costa Rica. We invite you to share grand adventures — all private, all designed and operated to your skill level and expectation, with Serendipity's amazing guides and well maintained equipment, with good food, interesting venues, safety measures and comfortable hotels. No wonder Serendipity was named one of top 9 adventures of the world by National Geographic Adventure.

We invite you to join us in Costa Rica, as an explorer, as a guest, as our soon-to-be friend. We promise you camaraderie, safety, amazing adventures, quiet nature, comfortable accommodations, and good, fresh food. We promise you won't be bored. And we promise you'll never forget your Serendipity Costa Rica vacation.

The first step to enjoying a Serendipity Costa Rica vacation is to contact us.

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Serendipity Adventures Costa Rica named Best of Costa Rica in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ADVENTURE MAGAZINE

Serendipity Adventures Costa Rica Named by FORBES Magazine as top 10 ballooning in the world

Serendipity Adventures Costa Rica was named one of Outside Magazine's 30 Greatest Trips Ever

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(To Serendipity guides Felipe and Jonathan)

We are deeply humbled by the skills you posses, which you generously shared with us, as well as your passion and enthusiasm. We are sincerely grateful for all your acts of kindness.

Thank you so much for creating such an outstanding experience for the both of us. I wish also to thank all the other extraordinary people who made this trip possible.

—Jacques and Olivier S., San Anselmo, CA, January, 2007