Travel Documents Required for Entry into Costa Rica

American, Canadian and most European citizens do not need a visa or any pre-entry permission to come to enter Costa Rica as long as they have a current valid passport. With a passport visitors can stay up to three months, and during the three months your driver's license from your home country allows you to legally drive in Costa Rica. YOUR PASSPORT MUST BE VALID AT LEAST 1(ONE) CALENDAR DAY BEYOND THE DATE THAT YOU ENTER COSTA RICA or you will be refused entry into Costa Rica by Immigration.

Costa Rica adventure travel: use the traditional modes of transport, including horseback.

Once you are in Costa Rica, you must keep a copy of your passport with you whenever you travel, even when traveling by horseback.

As of May 1, 2003 Americans and Canadians are no longer excepted from the requirement to have a passport — everyone from every country MUST have a passport, including children and infants.

More information for visitors traveling to Costa Rica is available at the U.S. Department of State - Costa Rica

If you are a citizen from another country, or if you have a residency card (i.e. green card) from the United States or Canada, we recommend you to read the following information: Visas, residences, permits.


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