Weather, the Life-Force of Costa Rica

Explaining the weather in Costa Rica is not an easy task. This country, located only 9 to 10 degrees latitude North from the Equator, is surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

A sunny day is perfect to enjoy a zip lining adventure

Due to its geographical location, Costa Rica only has two seasons and not four, like in the temperate climates. These two seasons hold conventional and easy to identify names, rainy and dry. However these titles are misleading.

Although the dry season “officially” goes from December to April, and the rainy season from May to November, these seasons are not entirely distinct. Costa Ricans enjoy sun and rain all year round.

During the year some locations receive approximately 18 ft. of precipitation, while others receive under 4 ft. While there is more precipitation in some areas, this doesn’t mean that the sun is hiding or that the temperatures are low. During all 12 months, beautiful sunny skies are common and the daylight is from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A typical day in Costa Rica can be bright and sunny in morning, with a rain shower to cool us off in the afternoon or vice versa. Rain rarely lasts all day.

It is also during this month of July and the following month of August, that the Veranillo de San Juan takes place. Veranillo means small summer, coming from the Spanish word for summer, Verano. These weeks are drier and sunnier, but showers appear occasionally to keep the mountains green and the rivers full.

This weather, the rain and the sun are the perfect combination to enjoy all the adventures. When the rivers are full, white water rafting is even more of a thrill. Also, the forest is greener and more dense. The water and sun together create more life and this is the reason Costa Rica is one of the 20 most biodiverse countries in the world. This lush and tropical environment is most appreciated by international tourists when they come to enjoy their Costa Rica vacation.

When the flowers bloom they add more colors to the landscape, and when the birds sing beautiful sounds, it gives life to our outdoors. Just a perfect welcome to a tropical paradise.

Very often before or after the rain falls, a beautiful rainbow decorates the sky.