An office surrounded by nature

View from our office

For more than a decade, Serendipity Adventures’ office has been located on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano, near the communities where our country’s famous Turrialba cheese is produced and the air is fresh and light.

Here we sit on our desks, always looking down towards the Turrialba valley. It is beautiful, especially at night when the sky is clear and we can see the town lights below. During the day, however, we are often surprised by various weather changes.

Sometimes the heavy rain gathers the cloud over our small mountainside community and if we do not close the windows, the powerful rains may mist right into our offices. On other days, we are forced to pull down out blinds because the strong tropical sunlight doesn’t allow us to clearly see our computer screens.

Above all, the most amazing aspect of working in the Serendipity office is the nature surrounding us, reminding us every day, you are working in a place full of life.

During the early mornings we listen to the birds singing their unique songs, and we see them soaring across our view of the Turrialba moutainrange. Toucans, motmots, hummingbirds and the national bird of Costa Rica, the Yigüirro, are among the many different types of birds that visit us.

The trees and tropical flowers offer more naturalist blessings. They embellish our gardens with bright colours and peculiar shapes, especially the heliconias. They are also the home for many insects as ants, butterflies and grasshoppers. Sloths and lizards enjoy living in the trees eating the fruits and leaves. When the day is windy, the branches of the trees sway from side to side, creating an indescribable serenity to our work environment.

The happiness that a place like this can give to us during a day of work it is transmitted to our clients on the phone or when they come to enjoy Costa Rica for their vacation, because we are truly working in the heart of the tropics.

Our surroundings amaze us, but we know that this is not the only place in Costa Rica where people will be delighted by nature, especially if they are traveling with our guides to the most unexpected places of this exceptional country.

We also know that this type of environment is essential for each of us and for our clients, and this is why we are going to make sure to always have beautiful gardens, fruitful trees and that our small-scale operations have minimal negative impacts with nature.

Soon we will move our office a couple kilometers west to the community of San Antonio. Despite our move, here at Serendipity we will always be surrounded by natural wonders, as small as the leaf ants that march our front step, to the giant Turrialba volcano that greets us at the crack of dawn.

One of the beautiful flowers from our garden.