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Costa Rica vacations so intense you’ll never want to leave

Why Serendipity’s Costa Rica Vacations are so extraordinary

The best of Costa Rica is what we “natives” have discovered, away from massive tourist enclaves. And we know how to get there, where to stay, and what to do in each area.
Travel in Costa Rica with truly remarkable discoveries (both of the natural world and the adventure world) can’t be undertaken with more than a few people in a cohesive team. On large “daily departure tours”, the quality is diminished by the sheer number of strangers put together for a few hours. Serendipity Costa Rica provides diversity, with natural immersion and challenging action, for self-formed groups and energetic families.

Why does Serendipity’s style of premium trips in Costa Rica mean so much more than simply a custom departure date?

To Serendipity, premium means premium — it means having a private, dedicated Serendipity adventure leader who is with you from start to finish, a 4WD vehicle for the exclusive use of your group for the duration of your trip, private rafts and bikes, private hiking locations and access to nature and horseback trails and observation platforms. You are not along on someone else’s tour; you are not following someone else’s agenda. Your time table is your own invention. This is your Costa Rica expedition. Serendipity offers exceptional 2 to 21 day Costa Rica adventure vacations and Costa Rica naturalist vacations exclusively in Costa Rica, designed around your interests, skills, and style of travel for private self-formed groups. We also offer concierge service, and  and a small number of fixed departure package tours.

Serendipity’s standards for our signature adventures

Serendipity’s business practices come from a USA-based foundation of the need for security and contingency planning.
Serendipity has the size, experience, and infrastructure to guarantee your Costa Rica vacation will meet your expectations. We own our adventure and transportation equipment, and maintain it to a higher standard than anyone in Costa Rica.  All of our guides have certification in First Aid and CPR, and additional training for everything from swift water rescue and vertical rescue to conflict resolution to geology and ecology. Each vehicle leaves our warehouse with an extensive, current, and well-equipped first-aid kit, and vehicle emergency equipment. We also take along lots of “stuff” to make each trip more comfortable — everything from insect repellant and dry towels and bottled water to towing straps and flashlights and disposable raincoats for everyone.
We have infinite opportunity to seek out the most interesting and appropriate places for you, based on what you want. Serendipity has no allegiance to any hotel or tour or restaurant. We’re not driven by commissions from service providers.
On our fully guided premium trips, our promise is to allow you and your chosen companions to involve yourself in Costa Rica, to experience more than the adrenaline of the adventure or a bus window view of nature. Learn to read the river. Learn how volcanoes grow. Learn about the ecology, the economy, the society, the way of life here in Costa Rica. Most important, learn more about yourself — try on new skills, pass on your experience to your friends and family.

Serendipity is your tool for an amazing Costa Rica vacation

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