Access for travelers with disabilities

Officially and legally Costa Rica has access for travelers with disabilities and access for Seeing Eye dogs, but in reality this vertical country does not really have adequate “American style” access everywhere. However, everyone is most willing to help whenever there is anyone wishing to enter a building or on a pathway in a wheel chair or using a walking assistant. Some hotels are very well adapted for wheelchair use, but others have only stairs and steep inclines at access points.

Whether you’re wheelchair bound, blind, or have a torn ACL, Serendipity is committed to providing exhilarating adventures to people of all abilities. We design our trips around the abilities of all the members of a group so everyone can participate and everyone can expand their experiences. We design trips for persons with special needs (including older people who simply can’t climb lots of stairs) using appropriate hotels and by selecting suitable activities. Our high guide to traveler ratio means you can rely on your Serendipity guides to get you through tough situations. If you do need any special help (or special diets or air conditioning or smoke-free rooms), please be sure we know this while we are designing your trip.