Activities offered

Learn about the unique activities offered by Serendipity Adventures in Costa Rica


Serendipity offers a wide range of adventure and nature activities that will always take place in private mode, using our own equipment and guides.

The following is a list of some of the experiences that can form part of your Serendipity trip. It’s up to you to decide which ones you want to do and which ones you don’t:

Animals and bird watching in Costa Rica

Costa Rica bird watching, animal watching and nature immersion. The optimum location for bird watching… Naturalists  from all over the world are lured to vacation in Costa Rica because of our reputation for jungle animals, exotic birds and other types of wild life. But truly wild animals are too wily to be found when trying to […]

Tree Climbing in Costa Rica

Tree Climbing in Costa Rica’s Rainforests Remember when you were ten years old and you used to practice tree climbing in the old oak tree in the neighbor’s yard? Somewhere along the line you became a responsible adult, and you probably haven’t climbed a tree since, but in Costa Rica you can intimately experience the rainforest […]

Nature Watching River Float in Costa Rica

Nature reveals itself to those who do not disturb it. Nature Watching is much easier on completely silent boats. Costa Rica ecotourism has taken on a new meaning with Serendipity. Serendipity reveals nature, quietly, without threatening the privacy of the natural world around us. A Serendipity exclusive is our stealth-like boats. Our silly eco-friendly little […]

Costa Rica Horseback Riding

Costa Rica horseback riding adventures as part of your trip The Best of Horses People have called us crazy on horseback. But with our horses, you feel the unity of man and horse that legends are born from. Have you ever felt a horse quiver with excitement, just because he feels you on his back, […]

White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Whitewater Rafting in Costa Rica Serendipity whitewater is expeditionary whitewater, not a packaged tour. In Costa Rica, whitewater tourism is huge. The normal outing includes bunches of rafts and hundreds of strangers of all sorts and varieties bussing to the rivers from San José. Our style of whitewater rafting makes a big, big […]

Hot air ballooning

Costa Rica hot air ballooning Costa Rica provides unquestionably the most fascinating ballooning in the world — low and slow drifting, over rain forests or mountain villages, caressing the tops of giants trees, dipping into white water rivers, and chasing monkeys in the tree-tops. With the right climactic conditions, we sometimes find ourselves ascending to […]


Costa Rica Adventure! Canyoning with Serendipity This sport of canyoning is pretty new in the USA, but well-loved in Europe. Find a gushing mountain stream, hike up to the source, find some waterfalls and dense jungle, then descend, with ropes and harnesses, into the water, splashing in the waterfalls, sitting and sliding down nature’s water-smoothed […]


Learning about the Costa Rican culture We believe that Costa Rican culture is something found not in museums, but in the campo. It is captured by the way everyday people live their lives. To learn about it, you need to get away from the big tourist destinations, and to experience it you need to step […]

Mountain Biking in Costa Rica

Costa Rica vacation Mountain Biking Extraordinaire! Costa Rica has exceptional mountain biking, from rugged mountain 4×4 tracks to gentle downhill. We have explored over 80 bike routes all over Costa Rica, so you have numerous choices on what you can try… from deep forest cover to spectacular open views; from isolated jungle trails to inter-village […]


Get off the beaten path with Serendipity 4 wheel drive The best way to experience Costa Rica is to get away from the tour bus beaten path. Serendipity traverses Costa Rica with 4×4 vehicles (mainly Nissan Patrol) which are both rugged and extremely comfortable, with legroom and wide shoulder space. The big wheels and oversize […]


Canopy and zip line tours for adrenaline adventures in Costa Rica Costa Rica’s biggest tourist attraction There are more than 80 canopy tours in Costa Rica, all offering transfers from tree to tree on cables, passengers suspended in harnesses. Serendipity Adventures appreciates the enjoyment some clients get from this rather novel way to see trees. […]


Hiking and Camping on your Costa Rica holiday Trails for nature, trails for exercise, trails for spectacular views Hiking has a different meaning for different people, and before we design a hiking experience for you, we need to know what you are expecting. Here are some things to think about. Conventional hikes The National Parks […]


As you would expect from Serendipity Adventures, we have located some really interesting places to pitch our tents. When the Serendipity adventure requires us to be someplace where the accommodations are just too touristy (or, the other extreme, non-existent) then we choose to get out under the stars. And we have the best of camping […]


Costa Rica Sea Kayaking Sea kayaking the oceans and canals of Costa Rica Costa Rica is bordered by two seas, and much of the country is unreachable by road, so there are a number of places in Costa Rica that are best experienced from the serenity of a sea kayak. Whether it be paddling your […]


Costa Rica ATV Tour with a huge difference on great back country trails What road? See if the tour bus follows! ATV excitement in Serendipity’s expedition style ATV excursions can be add great excitement in Serendipity’s expedition style travel, and even though we do not count on ATVs among our toys, we have close relations […]