The Warmth of a Rural Costa Rican Family

Up in the mountains of the Turrialba valley, in a location where electricity still hasn’t arrived to every home and the roads are dusty and narrow, we found the warmth of a rural Costa Rican family. The Aguilar Montenegro family opened the door of their little wooden house to us, after we had enjoyed a […]

Canyoning – a slippery, but very thrilling adventure

My personal adventures in Costa Rica got a new highlight last weekend: Canyoning with Serendipity. I did not know Canyoning before and for those who do not know this sport either: Canyoning means descending along a waterfall into the water – secured with ropes and a harness. One of the typical characteristics of a Serendipity […]

Cartago – a city full of culture and mysticism

During my first weeks in Costa Rica I naturally wanted to see the popular touristic hot-spots like the beautiful beaches or the mystic rainforests. However, Costa Rica has so much more to offer. Therefore it was very interesting for me to have a one day-trip to Cartago as part of my work for Serendipity Adventures. […]

Feeling like Tarzan in the jungle – Zip lining in Costa Rica

After the spectacular hot-air balloon and horseback riding adventures, our long and challenging day was not over. The next highlight on our schedule was a canopying tour through the rain forests near the Arenal volcano. Canopy La Fortuna Serendipity Adventures Because of lots of traffic and very interesting hotel inspections during midday we arrived a […]

Being higher than the clouds – a Serendipity Adventures hot-air balloon flight

Another part of our fascinating trip brought us the adventure of a hot-air balloon flight. As sunrise is the best time for ballooning in Costa Rica, we had to get up very early, our trip started at 5.15am. Hot-Air balloon San Carlos Serendipity Adventures Before the big adventure started, there was some work to do […]

Everyday something new at Serendipity’s office

I would like to introduce myself before I get started, I am a student from the U.S. studying Tourism Management. I decided to come to Costa Rica to have a new adventure and experience a different culture. I am from a busy city on the east coast and am used to a lot of traffic […]

My first time on a horse – a real Serendipity Adventure

A new intern has arrived at Serendipity Adventures in Costa Rica! My name is Julian Sieling and I come from Germany. I am 21 years old and I study International Tourism Management at the University of Applied Science in Heide, a small town near Hamburg. Right now I am doing an eight-week-internship at Serendipity Adventures […]

The Tamale, A Christmas Tradition in Costa Rica

This year I was lucky to experience one of Costa Rica’s most kept traditions- the making of Tamale. Tamale is a dish, which is usually prepared for Christmas during the month of December. The history behind the Tamale is rather cloudy. Some people say that Aztec women started making them as early as 7.000 B.C. […]

Hey there!

I would like to introduce myself real quick: I am a 23-year old student from Berlin. I am studying tourism management and I decided to come to Costa Rica for my internship since it was time for me to experience another adventure. I love my hometown, but I need to get out of that huge […]

An office surrounded by nature

For more than a decade, Serendipity Adventures’ office has been located on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano, near the communities where our country’s famous Turrialba cheese is produced and the air is fresh and light. Here we sit on our desks, always looking down towards the Turrialba valley. It is beautiful, especially at night […]