Canopy and zip line tours for adrenaline adventures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s biggest tourist attraction


Canopy tour with double cable and two independent connection systems

There are more than 80 canopy tours in Costa Rica, all offering transfers from tree to tree on cables, passengers suspended in harnesses.

Serendipity Adventures appreciates the enjoyment some clients get from this rather novel way to see trees. We often include a canopy tour during our private itineraries. We use canopy tours which we feel have satisfactory mechanical standards for construction, rescue preparation, duplication in critical strength areas, and sufficient guide training. These standards eliminate more than 90% of the operating canopy tours.

The Costa Rica tourism certification (ICT) does NOT comply, or attempt to comply, with international standards for suspended human-carrying activities (as used by construction companies, electric companies, even window washers on high rise buildings).

If you decide to go independently of Serendipity to make your own tour plans, apply some extra caution in deciding. When you select a canopy, verify it complies with, and is certified by, the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology, which you can read about at If you ask a travel agent or booking service if the canopy they are promoting is safe, the answer will always be “yes”.

Canopy tours can be arranged through every tour booking agency in Costa Rica.

Serendipity Adventures built the first canopy ascent zip line system in Costa Rica, in 1991. We use the Serendipity canopy ascent only for guide training and rescue training, and it is not open for public use or for our guests.

Costa Rica rock climbing

Costa Rica has very poor rock climbing; the wet conditions and volcanic soil mean that rocks are generally covered with vegetation or waterfalls. Serendipity has found only two places suitable for real rock climbing, in Escazú near San Jose, and on the Nicoya Peninsula. Because the quality of the climbing is so poor compared to what is available in the U.S., we do not offer rock climbing as part of Serendipity vacations. However, we have outstanding CANYONING opportunities in mountainous areas of Costa Rica – combining rocks, ropes, and waterfalls, but descending rather than going up. And then, we can go caving as well. Serendipity has permission for descents by rope in some of the more strenuous locations of the Venado caves. If this interests you, contact us for more information.

For examples of how canopy tours and zip lines can be integrated into your custom Costa Rican adventure vacation, see our sample itineraries of private holidays.

The first step to enjoying Costa Rica’s canopy tours with Serendipity is to contact us.