Costa Rica Nature Travel

Nature Immersion in the naturalists’ paradise

Costa Rica nature travel with Serendipity is more than normal ecotourism, it is eco-immersion. See it, hear it, smell it. Serendipity takes you to places to see the bigger picture, to understand the delicate balance of nature, the connections between animals, plants, water, weather, earth, soil, industry, and humans. Using only 4 WD transportation, we are the specialists in reaching parts of Costa Rica that area inaccessible to tour buses and large groups. Our guide-intense expeditions awaken your spirit and challenge your mind and body, giving you more than pretty images to remember.

Only Serendipity can provide you with personal, private access to unmolested nature. We’re not a vacation package company that sell Costa Rica nature travel by sending you off with one tour operator here, another tour operator there.

We operate our Costa Rica nature travel itineraries ourselves. Our diversity and selection of specialized equipment is extensive and very well maintained. Our more than two decades of experience exploring Costa Rica and operating nature immersion vacations means we know where the wildlife is abundant and where it has been scared away, and we have found outstanding local naturalist guides who will share their private and favorite observing locations. Throughout your trip, you will be accompanied by your dedicated Serendipity guide, who will not only make sure your trip runs seamlessly, but also provide insight into the history and culture of Costa Rica, and how this relates to Costa Rica’s nature.

We’ll show you the real Costa Rica, not only tourist friendly sites

We introduce you to our friends — farmers and environmentalists and people outside of tourism’s magnetic circle. You’ll get to see how plants are raised in permaculture farms, or enter indigenous villages to see the natural environment through the eyes of people who live with it every day. We’ll have the opportunity to visit coffee mills, cacao plantations, and tropical research centers working on medicinal plants and sustainable agriculture products. We contrast this with areas where the land is being raped by international fruit companies, and we do this because it helps you understand the commercial pressures on the land and how enlightened users are working to protect it. What kind of Costa Rica nature travel we do with you will depend entirely on your personal priorities.


Costa Rica Nature Travel with Serendipity Provides Access to Unique Ways to Encounter Nature

Here are some of the unique nature immersion opportunities you have when traveling with Serendipity. We can combine these, and add other naturalist areas, to our own private selection.

  • Costa-Rica Nature Travel


    We operate our own platform 110 feet above the forest floor, suspended from the LOWEST branches of a 400-year-old tree. This amazing platform gives you both a view of the forest inhabitants, and a sense of what living in a forest could be. And getting there is half the fun.

  • Costa Rica Nature Travel


    Our silent small boats to slip up on nature unobserved are exclusive to Serendipity. Immerse yourself in the most authentic and primal relationship you will experience with nature, watching some of the most unique and beautiful species of animals in Costa Rica.

  • Hot Air Balloon Costa Rica


    We have the only hot air balloons in Central America, giving us vistas unavailable to mere ground-dwelling people.

  • Costa Rica Nature Travel

    Serendipity 4WD transportation

    Our fleet of rugged 4 wheel drive vehicles will take you away from the crowds, on backroads, and to remote areas. If there is a road, or even if there isn’t, we will take you to some of the most breathtaking places in Costa Rica.

  • Hiking in rain forest in Costa Rica


    The best places for nature hikes are on properties where not many tourists go and you can have private access to nature. The sharp eys of your dedicated guide will help you spot many species you would have missed on your own.

    And for activities we do not operate ourselves,we’ve found the best, most reliable operators —This includes canopy tours which meet our stringent standards for safety and guide training, but also golf, fishing (freshwater and ocean), scuba, surfing, and other fun beach-type stuff.

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