Disability travel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica adventures for travelers with disabilities

Serendipity Adventures celebrates achieving greater independence through travel experiences!

As Serendipity Adventures expands its resources for adventure travel throughout the Costa Rican wilderness, we are constantly developing opportunities for travelers of all backgrounds; we are expanding the scope of disability travel offering adventure capabilities for travelers with disabilities alike.

With a foundation in customized and premium service we are able to go the extra mile for our disability travel clients allowing the seemingly impossible to be possible. Serendipity knows that high-activity excursions are about logistics, no matter the composition of travelers, and we are determined to work out the logistics for our clients.

Adventure for disabled

Travel with Serendipity and everyone is able to interact with nature.

Operated in small-scale premium manner, expedition style excursions are successful (and a total blast!) with mobility impaired clients.

As part of our disability travel program, a variety of adventure-lovers with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Down’s syndrome and other kinds of disabilities, of all ages have journeyed through the hidden jewels and off-the beaten-path destinations of Costa Rica.

We want to take the opportunity to thank these courageous Serendipity guests – those who have inspired us here to keep exploring the unknown, and reach further than ever anticipated before.

Serendipity specializes in Costa Rican disability travel

Adventure for disabled

Bonnie and her husband Jeff made Costa Rican friends as they floated on the Frío River.

Bonnie, and her husband Jeff, traveled with Serendipity in April, 2012. Bonnie has multiple sclerosis and is a wheelchair user.

She and Jeff whitewater rafted the class III rapids of the Pacuare River, reached 110 feet high in the canopy of the jungle for lunch, and became tropical birding experts during a river safari.

Bonnie wrote Serendipity after her arrival home, “My sincere appreciation and thanks to the Serendipity company for investing money into the appliances needed that will cater to the handicap person, thereby allowing a handicap person to re-experience life prior to their illness.”

Real and unique adventures are possible for everyone

Adventure for disabled

Satisfaction and smiles! Here Rhonda is with Sardar, head of operations at Serendipity Adventures during and after her canyoning experience.

Rhonda spent a day on the rock walls. Although canyoning, a newly famed sport, is an exhilarating adrenaline rush, Rhonda did not lose balance using her lower-leg prosthetics. Rhonda wore a sparkling smile as she rappelled down the intense flow of Serendipity’s privately operated waterfall canyon.

You can see Rhonda’s trip documented on our Serendipity Adventures Facebook page.

Traveling with children with disabilities

Silvia and her family explored this tropical world in August of 2010. Silvia’s son, Matteo, has cerebral palsy. Matteo was 7 years old when he joined us for a Serendipity Adventure.

His physical development has been challenged, yet his enthusiasm and love for nature succeeds with flying colors. Silvia thanked our family, writing, “Having a special needs child in a 1st World Nation is a challenge, but with Serendipity, traveling with my son was a complete joy.”

We celebrate these families’ decisions to explore with us when considering a Costa Rica vacation. Feel free to reach out to us if you are, or someone in your potential travel group, is a mobility-impaired adventure seeker. We may explore the possibilities of your private and customized Serendipity adventure together.

This picture was taken when Rhonda was getting ready. Jonathan was helping her to practice before the real adventure.

This picture was taken when Rhonda was getting ready. Jonathan was helping her to practice before the real adventure.

Your Serendipity vacation will be the vacation that you will talk about, laugh about, and reminisce about, for the rest of your lives.

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