Costa Rica Family Vacation

Customized Costa Rica family vacation itineraries – your dates, your hand picked travel companions.

For parents, adventure and discovery is most rewarding when viewed through the eyes of our children. Kids want new excitement while parents want security, and on a Serendipity style Costa Rica family vacation these are very compatible goals. We design unique, private, custom family tripsaround in Costa Rica for your personal priorities, and we’ll push your whole family to take on try new challenges together.

A Serendipity style Costa Rica family vacations will challenge your whole family – from climbing trees to rappelling waterfalls, from riding horses to rafting pristine white water, from spotting wild things –in the wild– to watching volcanoes boom and sparkle.

Serendipity Style means all private, customized to your travel dates, level of experience, and to your priorities. Your whole family will develop skills and confidence that serve a lifetime. Serendipity vacations bond your family through shared experience, shared discovery.

Every adventure will be tailored to the skills and physical abilities of the participants

Serendipity’s unique adventures will be adapted to each group, regardless of physical ability and age. We operate the activities in private mode for each family, with our own staff and gear, which means we have full control on every detail. You do not have to share with larger groups of tourists. We welcome children as well as grand parents to join us rafting, climbing trees, riding horses, and on many other fun activities!

If you prefer a more independent Costa Rica family vacation, our expert trip planners can help you create a package tailored to your specific preferences and needs. That could be to establish a route and book hotels, tours and transportation for a totally independent trip,  or maybe to design a vacation planned as partly guided – partly on your own.

Some people want to have the private guide who also serve as the driver of a 4 WD vehicle, but prefer saving on the activities by joining daily group tours. Others prefer to move around independently but sign up for our unique private adventures in different locations. It will be up to you to decide what will work best for your family! You can see samples of different kinds of vacations here.

So how do you get started?

To start working on your own Costa Rica Family Vacation we recommend you create your personalized wish list, then call us. Tell us your priorities, your vision of a great experience, your ideal travel dates, and your budget, and we’ll come up with a personalized solution for your family vacation in Costa Rica.

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