Our Specialties

Serendipity Adventures designs and operates superb Costa Rica vacations for discerning travelers. We specialize in intimate trips where you will have vivid experiences in rural Costa Rica. Your trip, including all of our privately operated activities, will include only our guides and your travel companions, no strangers. Your best Costa Rica vacation will be custom designed to ensure your experiences in the country stretch your limbs and your boundaries, and immerse you in typical Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

The majority of Serendipity’s clients are families, including adults and children of all ages. We will plan your family vacation around what you tell us about your preferences for lodging and activities. When we prepare for each adventure, we’ll consider your age, size, previous experience and skill level of each family member as we choose what river to run, what trail to bike or hike, etc.

Costa Rica Adventure Vacations off the beaten path

The combination of an abundance of remarkable settings for a large variety of exhilarating adventures in such a small size area, and the fact that the exuberant nature is always nearby providing astonishing natural beauty, has put Costa Rica on the map as one of the most amazing adventure destination of the world….

Costa Rica Nature Travel

Nature immersion means getting away from crowds, away from places that disrupt nature’s own rhythm. Serendipity Costa Rica give you this pristine naturalist experience with supreme comfort and a commitment to high standards for environmental conservation.

Costa Rica with Kids

Serendipity Style! Serendipity Costa Rica loves exploring with children! Any parent knows that the best part of life is exposing your children to new and interesting experiences, but traveling with one or more young children may mean you are not welcome on some adventures. Instead of establishing age limits, Serendipity will adapt the adventures to be enjoyed as a family. Our detailed planning will allow you parents not to worry about logistics and instead concentrate only enjoying the priceless moments you’ll live with your children.

Organizing Independent Trips

If you are not interested in our all inclusive Premium Service that covers having a dedicated private guide and 4 WD vehicle, and your preference is to do your own driving, but you want to have access to our exclusive and unique adventures, well that is a possibility too. If you want to rely on our expertise and experience to plan a trip with the services you need, including “private day tours” using our professional guides, gear and sites that only Serendipity has access to give us a call or send us an email, we custom your trip to your needs.

Your best choice for active Costa Rica senior travel

What do you do when you are over 75? . Well, you should continue enjoy life at the fullest! At Serendipity we will accommodate the vacation planning and adventure operation to any special interest and any limitation you may have, yet we won’t limit you and we welcome all adventurous spirits to join us, regardless of age.

Disability travel in Costa Rica

We at Serendipity Adventures welcome people with all sorts of disabilities and we adapt our activities to the traveler rather than restricting who can participate. We will carefully plan and execute our private adventures, providing extra support where needed, and allocating extra resources to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Exclusive Costa Rica VIP trips

Trips designed around your personal priorities The  Costa Rica VIP trips with Serendipity Adventures will let you experience Costa Rica as you deserve it. A fully private, truly custom-made adventure trip where no timetable is followed but only your very own. Serendipity Adventures amasses 25 years of experience, working in the luxury, adventure tourism sector. The knowledge […]

Dietary Restrictions related to allergies or religion

Our careful planning allows us to customize every detail of a trip to any Religious or Dietary restriction you might have. Please discuss with your trip planner your special needs and Serendipity will make all the necessary adjustments. Since we control all aspects of our operations: our guides, cooks and support staff will be informed in advance about your special needs.

Team building in Costa Rica

There’s a born leader in everyone – what do you do when everyone wants to be the leader? Team building exercises foster respect for the ideas and abilities of all team members. As in business, team members must support each other. No one person can do every role – even if he is qualified for different tasks. Practicing adventure activities as a team can be the perfect occasion to practice team building skills.