Nature Watching River Float in Costa Rica

One of the best nature watching experiences is to admire birds in Caño Negro

bird watching on a river

Nature reveals itself to those who do not disturb it. Nature Watching is much easier on completely silent boats.

Costa Rica ecotourism has taken on a new meaning with Serendipity. Serendipity reveals nature, quietly, without threatening the privacy of the natural world around us.

A Serendipity exclusive is our stealth-like boats. Our silly eco-friendly little watercraft invite you to “invade” the natural world in silence and awe. Quieter than paddling a canoe, the Serendipity boats navigate the slow-moving river to get you close to where the animals remain perched as you approach.

If you want to paddle, that’s an option, and muscle stretching.

Serendipity’s guides that specializes in nature watching are experts at spotting hidden creatures. As we move closer, we can whisper their locations to you, and you can drop the binoculars and simply — look.

Nature watching in Costa Rica

cayman in Caño Negro

Getting very close to a young cayman, the silent boats make nature watching — natural.

No noise. No pollution. No crowd. No smelly petrol exhaust. Only nature. Enjoy some fresh fruit, recline on the comfortable tubes. Dangle your feet in the waters. Sit under an umbrella, protecting yourself from the sun, or the rain. Enjoy the noise of nature, howling monkeys, splash of birds and giant fish.

Even young children enjoy the excitement of nature watching as they learn to spot monkeys and birds and cayman in the water

Tarpon breed here. Basilica lizards, sloth, and three species of monkeys are common in the low hanging trees. The alligator gar appears to be half fish, half alligator. Looking a lot like the Loch Ness monster, they sometimes grow more than 10 feet long.

The aquatic birds use the river as a supermarket, fishing for dinner — cormorant, anhinga, Amazon kingfishers are abundant. Shy birds, like the boat-billed heron, black-headed trogon, and roseate spoonbill, use this waterway for nesting and feeding. The laughing falcon, mangrove swallow, and the tiny American pygmy kingfisher — all here. On a really good day, with a Serendipity naturalist guide, you might see fifty species of birds.

Serendipity’s boats are easy to maneuver, and super comfortable.

So join us for one day. Our guests have told us it is more intense than any naturalist experience in Costa Rica, and fun on the boat, and comfortable, all at the same time.