Costa Rica Sample Itineraries

You can start defining your vacation by studying our Costa Rica Sample Itineraries that will give you ideas about different styles of trips

At Serendipity we have dedicated trip planners that will help you plan your Costa Rica vacation to match your needs regardless of what kind of trip you are looking for. In this section we present a series of Costa Rica sample itineraries, each with the corresponding pricing information, to give you a better idea about the different options we offer.

Our core product is the customized, privately operated, all-inclusive, unique itineraries that we offer to those who want to experience Costa Rica off the beaten path traveling with a dedicated guide and do all the activities in private mode. Serendipity’s full-service trips stands for an outstanding way of getting to experience the true Costa Rica.  You can see samples of such itineraries by clicking on “Premium Trips andTop of the Line below. If you want to combine a few days of this kind of service level with a few days on you own, look at the sample itineraries under “Half & Half.

While you read the sample itineraries, remember they are only examples of trips we have done in the passed, and they are meant to work as inspiration only. All the sample itineraries can and will be customized to your specific preferences, needs and budget parameters.

If you are planning to travel alone or with just one or two companions and you like the concept of privately operated, fully guided trips but the cost is above your budget, then look at our Group Departures that offer you the opportunity to join a very small group to do a true Serendipity Adventure. 

We can also assist in planning independent trips, helping you to decide on a route that goes well with your interests, and book transportation, lodging, and tours (private tours operated by Serendipity or group tours with local operators, as you prefer). This way you only need to deal with one contact here in Costa Rica (us!), and you can take advantage of our broad knowledge of Costa Rica. If your plan is to do an independent trip (without a dedicated guide), read more about independent options here, or study the wishlist in the “Design your Own section, and contact us for advice and assistance.

Premium Trips

In this section you'll find examples of exiting, fully guided itineraries featuring many of our special adventures that will be operated for you in private mode. The pricing is assuming mid range lodging. These sample itineraries offer one full week of exciting experiences, Serendipity style!  As you read, remember that any itinerary can be customized further around your specific priorities in terms of activities, lodging and budget.

Group Departures

Fixed departure trips are for single travelers, couples or very small groups that want to share the overhead cost with a few others and experience a Serendipity Adventure. These trips have a lower cost but are not subject to customization (unless you can add some time before or after!).

Half & half

These itineraries include a few days with full Serendipity service (private guide, 4WD transport, unique adventures) and a few days on your own... Serendipity will organize your vacation from start to finish, and will offer support during the independent days.

Top of the line

These are samples of fully guided, all inclusive, private itineraries for those who prefer premium lodging and intense schedules. These unique routes are solely available through Serendipity. Your guide and 4 WD vehicle will be dedicated to you 24/7 from start to finish. *As you read, remember that any itinerary can be customized further around your specific priorities in terms of activities, lodging and budget.

Design your own

The sample itineraries are just examples of trips we can do, and most clients will end up creating their own mix of adventures. Create your personalized wishlist here, then contact us for a quote