Half & half

These itineraries include a few days with full Serendipity service (private guide, 4WD transport, unique adventures) and a few days on your own… Serendipity will organize your vacation from start to finish, and will offer support during the independent days.

Tarzan and Jane adventure

Costa Rica with an attractive mix of adventure and relaxation: A total of eight days; 5 fully guided days exploring inland rainforest, and 3 days on your own relaxing at the beach. Designed as a honeymoon in Costa Rica for a very adventurous pair of newlyweds, this trip offers challenges and excitement for the young and […]

Cabecar Trail Expedition

This is a 5 day rugged eco-challenge for those who love pushing hard, discovering themselves, followed by some relaxing days on your own. Enjoy Costa Rica from the heart of the jungle, hike thru unspoiled trails, ride in to the mountains and paddle down the amazing Pacuare river, hands down the best rafting in Costa […]


Your private rainforest expedition. This Costa Rica family vacation itinerary was designed for a family who travel the world to admire nature and the environment. A goal was also to show how Costa Rica’s people work to preserve their natural heritage. A little bit of adrenaline, many nature encounters. Just like all of our private customized tours, this […]