Team building in Costa Rica

There’s a born leader in everyone – what do you do when everyone wants to be the leader?

Everyone on the team has a role to play, and every team member's contribution must be coordinated to achieve the goal.

Everyone on the team has a role to play, and every team member’s contribution must be coordinated to achieve the goal.

Team building exercises foster respect for the ideas and abilities of all team members. As in business, team members must support each other. No one person can do every role – even if he is qualified – and every role is essential to success. Set the stakes high. Make the accomplishment rewarding. Through the exercises we use for team building purposes, everybody involved will come to a deeper understanding that that failure on anyone’s part, or exclusion of anyone’s contribution, means failure for the whole team.

Serendipity’s team building is for small self-formed groups, normally 6 to 10 people. For all your team building activities you will be accompanied by Serendipity’s expert guides, who discretely check every detail without disrupting the team. Our team building centers around action rather than lectures, and bonding experience rather than games.

Serendipity’s experience creating challenging adventures for intimate groups will ensure that you have an exhilarating team building experience.

Serendipity team building activities in the tropical jungle are more meaningful than rules listed in an employee handbook or copied from a whiteboard in a classroom. Nature has a way of disrupting rigid planning. Challenges are physical, yes, but oriented to decision making, cooperation, and encouragement. Our wide variety of activities will force you to engage inactive parts of your brain. Some people excel at one activity and are terrified on the next. Some people try to live up to their own invincible self-image, and find they have to eat a bit of crow before the day is done. Some find amazing new talents in people they held little regard for prior to their Serendipity team building

Try out some of these ideas for team building:

  • Team building

    Climbing trees

    Well, climbing ropes, or climbing trees. We have two unusual trees to climb – we’ve named them Joseph and Abraham. Joseph, about 800 years old, is hollow, and invites you to scramble up inside its trunk. When you can’t climb any higher, you wiggle out through one of the windows in the trunk, about 75 feet above ground, and rappel back to earth. It sounds easy, but it requires a team effort, and figuring out the best way to use equipment, the safest way to get everyone up and back down is the challenge.

    Abraham is the giant of the jungle, towering above the rest of the forest. The lowest branches of this enormous tree are 110 ft. above the forest floor. Our platform, where lunch awaits, hangs from these branches. The only clue to how to ascend is a wimpy looking rope dangling from a pulley on the lowest branch. Your challenge is to get the whole team up to lunch and back down – safely, of course.

  • Team building

    Big white water rafting

    Rafting is a team effort, but generally the “team” just does what the guide tells them to do. Serendipity has developed rafting into a team sport – each person guides the raft, follows the current team leader’s guiding instructions, and crashes, flips, drenches, and recovers together. It’s not a committee decision, but everyone must lead and everyone must follow. Serendipity’s guides are there, again to make sure no one does anything really foolish, but the School of Hard Strokes brings out teamwork unlike anything done without adrenaline.

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    Ropes, harnesses, rocks, waterfalls – and a lot of teamwork is required to get everyone down all the canyons and back to a good dinner. Team building with canyoning means coordinating everyone’s work to: decide which route to follow, set safe anchors, determine the best order for descending, agree on everyone’s roles at the top and bottom of each rappel, and establish what to look out for. It’s a military style exercise but no one is firing at you – except the occasional monkey.

  • Team building


    A team building activity? Yes, when you have rivers to cross and fields to climb, and you want to really learn how to handle a horse. Some will already know, and some will be new at it (and some will have had a boring previous horseback experience). But our horses, and the places we ride, are so very different from your past experiences. There was never a more egalitarian “team” than on a cattle drive. Camaraderie and horseback are the backbone of North America’s settlement. So yes, it’s team building, too.

Challenge yourself. Challenge your team. To contact our team building specialist at Serendipity: CLICK HERE