Making Phone Calls from Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s rural phone system is quite good by neighboring country standards, but that means that even small towns have a phone. One payphone. Which is shared by all the people who live in the town. Prepaid sim cards are nowadays readily available at many utility stores and almost all cellphone stores sell them. Please be aware these will work only in unlocked cellphones. If your phone need a micro/nano sim (the smaller versions) you may need to go to an official office of the phone company to cut it to right size, so better to bring a phone that take the original size (full size) Sim card…

Contacting you while you’re on your Costa Rican adventure

If your family at home tries to reach you at one of the hotels and can’t get through, they should not panic that you’ve been swallowed by a volcano. In an emergency they should call the Serendipity office and ask us to PAGE your group (the guides carry cell phones which work in about ¾ of the country). Guides also try to call the office each day during a trip to check for messages.