Exclusive Costa Rica VIP trips

Trips designed around your personal priorities

The  Costa Rica VIP trips with Serendipity Adventures will let you experience Costa Rica as you deserve it. A fully private, truly custom-made adventure trip where no timetable is followed but only your very own.

Serendipity Adventures amasses 25 years of experience, working in the luxury, adventure tourism sector. The knowledge acquired throughout these decades, assisting some of the most demanding clientele, gives us the privilege to be recognized as true experts in Costa Rica VIP trips.

Our adventures are featured in some of the most prestigious publications around the world. Serendipity Adventures proudly holds the honor of being listed within the top ten adventure companies of the planet. Honor that has been confirmed year in and year out.

It is simple to point out our own advantages but when someone else, a real professional of the industry does it, those advantages acquire a whole new meaning.

You can see Alex Kyriakidis (President, Middle East & Africa, Marriott International) review on Serendipity Adventures here: http://www.serendipityadventures.com/referrals/AlexKyriakidisLetter.htm

Your visit to Costa Rica can turn in to a very special, unique and private adventure that takes you to the most remote corners of Costa Rica, or it can be set up around visiting a few of of the most luxurious properties in the country and venture out from there with your dedicated consierge/ personal guide.

The Costa Rica VIP trips we design will be carefully planned to meet the highest expectations. Our private adventure operations can allow you to explore and live the best Costa Rica has to offer in a very private manner.

Immerse yourself in the jungle with adrenaline at its top, reach beyond boundaries and find that inner you. Live the excitement of wild Costa Rica, Serendipity Adventures will take care of every detail.

Costa Rica VIP trips for the active and adventurous

If you like to be active, we can include canyoning, canopy tour, white water rafting, rappelling, horseback riding, ATV tours, hiking etc. in places where you will never mix with other groups of tourists.
Our guests will be accompanied by their own entourage along the journey. A dedicated guide and driver, available 24 hours, security if so wished (bodyguard), activities carried out in places away from the public eye to secure the privacy of our clientele at all times, highly trained seasoned adventure guides and of course, special amenities and services.

Give us an idea of your plan, your wishlist, or allow us to send you a proposal for your Costa Rica VIP trip. The first step to enjoying a Serendipity adventure is to contact us.