No lines.  No tour buses.  No timetable.  No crowds.

Expeditionary style, private trips in Costa Rica

Serendipity takes you — by foot, 4×4, boat, balloon, horseback, raft, bike, ropes and cables, ATV’s — to the most undisturbed places, without crowds, without compromises.

It’s your journey, with only your hand-picked companions. Your priorities for adventure or nature, for luxury or simplicity drive Serendipity’s design and operation of your trip.

Your Serendipity guide is the key to your journey. Driver and translator, naturalist and athlete, competent in first aid and car repairs, keeps the ice chest stocked, and a natural-born Nanny.

You move about in a rugged, comfortable 4x4 vehicle equipped for safety and spontaneity. Sleep in any hotel that looks good to you, or you chose from our select group of private villas.

True experts in Costa Rica since 1991.

Nature, pure and simple. See it, hear it, smell it. We reach parts of Costa Rica inaccessible to tour buses and large groups. Our guide-intensive Costa Rica Naturalist Vacations ignite your passion for nature while immersing you in tropical fauna at its most pristine.

With Serendipity, Adventure Travel means trying things you never thought you'd try, accomplishing something you never thought you'd do, immersing yourself in each adventure with Serendipity's outstanding guides. Serendipity pushes your spirit.

Serendipity designs and operates strictly private, custom Family Vacations around your priorities. We’ll push your whole family to take on new challenges together, in areas far away from where tourists normally go. We’ll adapt the level of difficult and intensity of the activities to suite your family.

We'll take you off the beaten path to show you the best of Costa Rica



Serendipity will offer you a customized solution for your Costa Rica vacation that takes care of all of your needs… Guides, lodging, transportation, activities and meals combined in a fully personalized package.



Learn more about what we can do for you, and the costs involved, by checking out some sample itineraries of trips we have done in the past.

Ask for your own vacation

We will tailor your vacation to your specific interests and needs.


Learn about our unique and privately operated adventures.


We’ll customize plans for unique independent Costa Rica vacations.




If you like to plan a trip that has a few guided days and a few days on your own, that is of course totally feasible too. Or maybe you want to stay active the whole time but integrate a few group tours in your itinerary, to keep the cost at bay... We at Serendipity will listed to your needs and preferences and workout a personalized solution for you. No two itineraries are the same!

Super VIP

We have the contacts and experience to assure special arrangements for those that want to stay out of the public eye while vacationing in Costa Rica, yet still be very active. Our private sites for adventure will assure your enjoyment in complete privacy. Call us to discuss your specific needs!



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