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Complete packages designed around your personal priorities

Welcome to Serendipity Adventures. For 25 years we have set the standard for custom travel in Costa Rica. We are an authentic premium service, offering tailor-made trips. Our expressed goal is to provide maximum flexibility and personalization, letting you experience Costa Rica in a unique way. Our premium service include a dedicated guide 24/7, a 4 WD vehicle to move around, lodging, all meals and a selection of special adventures operated by our own staff in private mode guaranteeing the utmost privacy for each family or self-formed group. We will take you off the beaten path to show you the authentic Costa Rica — the one most tourists never get to see.

We can also offer other vacation solutions. Some clients forego the private adventure operation and contract the 4WD vehicle and the dedicated guide, as a concierge service. Others opt to do private adventures operated by Serendipity at different sites, but to move around on their own in a rental vehicle or private transfers. Some clients prefer we suggest a fully independent trip from start to finish... In all cases we will make sure your vacation is designed seamlessly around your priorities for adventure or nature, for luxury or simplicity, and we will be here to support you during your travels.

True Experts in Costa Rica since 1991

We plan and operate your Costa Rica vacation from start to finish

Reclaim the kid in you! We invite you to try new experiences enjoying our adventures — all privately operated in amazing areas.

Relax and enjoy the adventures with Serendipity's professional guides, safety measures and well maintained equipment.

To operate each activity in private mode allow us to adapt the adventures to everybody, regardless of age and physical ability.

We'll take you off the beaten path to show you the best of Costa Rica!



Serendipity will offer you a customized solution for your Costa Rica vacation that takes care of all of your needs… Guides, lodging, transportation, activities and meals combined in a fully personalized package.



Learn more about what we can do for you, and the costs involved, by checking out some sample itineraries of trips we have done in the past.

Ask for your own vacation

We will tailor your vacation to your specific interests and needs.


Learn about our unique and privately operated activities.


We’ll customize plans for unique independent Costa Rica vacations.




If you like our philosophy but have a budget that does not allow a fully guided premium trip, we offer different lower cost options. We have a selection of three fixed departure trips were solo travelers or couples can join a few others on an exciting Serendipity Adventure small group adventure. We also offer concierge service only, or independent style trips.

Super VIP

We have the contacts and experience to assure special arrangements for those that want to stay out of the public eye while vacationing in Costa Rica, yet still be very active. Our private sites for adventure will assure your enjoyment in complete privacy. Call us to discuss your specific needs!

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