Your private rainforest expedition. This Costa Rica family vacation itinerary was designed for a family who travel the world to admire nature and the environment. A goal was also to show how Costa Rica’s people work to preserve their natural heritage. A little bit of adrenaline, many nature encounters.

Just like all of our private customized tours, this one is designed and operated around your travel dates, and it can be customized to meet your preferences for activities and accommodations. While we work on designing your vacation we’re also thinking about which Serendipity guide is the best match considering your specific interest.., A biologist, a geologist? Are you a photographer, birder or an overall nature lover?



We’ll assume for now you’ll be flying into San Jose (SJO) international airport this afternoon. Your Serendipity guide will meet you just outside the terminal doors. The first challenge: find the guides outside. It can get crowded and chaotic but don’t worry, stay together and walk right through the gates. Our guides use an unmistakable sign (made from a whitewater paddle) so you can find them. It’s easy, just look for a yellow paddle above the ocean of heads. If you arrive early enough we can head straight to the cloud forest and spend the night there, or if not, we’ll spend the night within the Central Valley.
Over dinner your Serendipity guide will go over important trip information about the following days and what to expect.

Day 2: Hike in private cloud forest.

Because each cloud forest is an “island” the flora and fauna develop slightly distinct variations.
Bromelias cover branches in thick foliage – a classic symbiotic relationship. The cloud forest has the appearance of being the Missing Link between the Jurassic and modern plant kingdoms.

Later today we’ll continue towards the Areal Volcano area.

Day 3: Canopy zip line adventure and volcano.

Canopy tours are all over Costa Rica, everywhere you look. For certain it’s the country’s most emblematic eco-adventure activity but the amusement park environment definitely makes it less interesting to Serendipity travelers. There are however a few sites that stand out, and that are truly surrounded by pristine nature.

After an exhilarating experience zipping from tree to tree at canopy level, we’ll visit the Arenal National Park. We’ll walk along the trails that lead to the old lava blaze.The panoramic view of the lake  is worth the whole endeavor.

Day 4: Tree climbing in a private forest, Abraham awaits!

From below the primary forest is majestic. From above, it is the realm of the gods. Serendipity’s giant ceiba tree (we have named him Abraham) supports our observation platform, nestled beneath its lowest branches, 110 feet above the ground. The platform is just about eye-level with the canopy of the rest of the forest, and we use a ropes system to get ourselves up there.
This is the place for good binoculars and stable spyglasses, where cameras with long lenses capture the colors above the canopy. The forest, and the platform, are yours today, to use (or not use) as you wish.

Day 5: Drive to Guapiles to continue your Rainforest Experience.

We now leave the San Carlos region behind. By car and by boat is how the next journey begins. You will navigate through lush and magnificent canals where wildlife abounds.

This morning,  you’ll be parting ways with your trusted Serendipity host, as you now will join a group  package into Tortuguero National Park.
Your Serendipity leader will take you to the dock and leave you in good hands before saying goodbye.

Day 6

Tour through the Tortuguero canals

Early morning, prior to breakfast, is the best time of the day to explore the waterways with hopes to spot some of the rare species known to inhabit these coastal jungles. . You’ll be accompanied by expert local wildlife spotters that know where animals roam and where nests are located.
Speak to the guides to set up a *canoe or *sea kayak rental for afternoon private exploration of canal – this is the way we have seen manatees in the past.

Day 7

We have you booked a flight with Nature Air back into the central valley in anticipation for your departure back home.

This is your trip with your departure dates. We do not add you to a set itinerary, combine you with other people, or suggest that other people join your trip.


This (SAMPLE) itinerary includes:

All accommodations in mid range lodging (upgrades possible with price adjustment)

All meals, snack foods and power bars/trail mix, water, and loads of fresh fruits

Serendipity’s strong 4×4 adventure vehicle which carries gear, spare parts, water, and — really important — First Aid equipment and radios to places inaccessible by most vehicles

Serendipity’s amazing support, before and during your travels – paddle jackets to keep you warm, helmets with sun visors on the river, well equipped first aid kits, cellphones, comfort items like clean towels, sunscreen lotion and bug spray for your convenience.

The key to your enjoyment is your Serendipity leader who is your personal concierge and always pushing you to try something new, challenge you physically, or mentally, or both.

To better understand the logistics of “group size” and to give you a rough idea of what this expedition with Serendipity will cost, here’s a sample pricing chart with the cost per person for the following size groups in high and low seasons. We accommodate larger groups by adding guides and vehicles and equipment as needed, which gives you great flexibility in designing a trip with different action for different people in your group. The important thing to remember is that everything will take place privately for your party, regardless of the number of particpants. No lines, no buses, no compromising how hard you want to push, or how softly.

The exact cost will depend on how many people will be in your self formed group, your preferences for action, choice of lodging, and what tourist season or holidays are involved. Included in this package: mid range accommodations, all the adventures listed, all meals and Day 1 -5 your dedicated Serendipity adventure leader and a full size 4WD vehicle. Also included are tours in Tortguero and the domestic flight back to San Jose on Day 7. Not included: government departure tax ($28 per person), alcoholic beverages, and (optional) tip for the guides.
7 DAY Rainforest Experience  itinerary. Prices per person for 2016  -2017




6 pax, 3 rooms $2,160.00 ,$2,375.00
5 pax, 3 rooms $2,410.00 $2,650.00
5 pax, 2 rooms $2,150.00 $2,365.00
4 pax, 2 rooms $2,390.00 $2,625.00
3 pax, 2 rooms $2,885.00 $3,170.00
3 pax, 1 room $2,450.00 $2,695.00
2 pax, 1 room $3,090.00 $3,395.00


The first step to enjoying a Serendipity adventure is to contact us.